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The Lillian Howell Project offers a range of services to young women at risk of homelessness:

Image by Joss Woodhead


Lillian's provides medium and transitional accommodation for young women aged 13-17 years of age. Our supported accommodation approach includes the following key features of a reparitive environment:

  • Secure base provision - i.e. accommodation is provided

  • Appropriate modelling

  • Consistent responses

  • Boundaries and limit setting

  • Routine and structure

  • Direct treatment (e.g. counselling, group work)

  • Skills development (e.g. living skills)

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Every young woman in our accommodation services is assigned a case manager who works one on one with the resident to set and achieve the goals set by the individual and to provide support to the young woman.

Case management continues when the young woman is placed in one of our housing partner properties to assist with the transition to independant living.

Image by youssef naddam


Lillian's provides outreach services to all young women aged 13-17 years in the Sydney LGA.

Lillian's provides support in conjunction with Department of Communities and Justice and local schools in Sydney, linking young people with the services they need. 

Image by Daniel Gonzalez


Lillian's offers referral services and information to all young women aged 13-17 years.

Services that Lillian's can provide referrals for include:

  • Direct treatment (eg counselling, group work)

  • Pathways to continue/recommence education and tertiary education

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