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Got a flair for fundraising?

Updated: Apr 18

Lillian's strive to provide everyday experiences for all the residents - these include vacations, dinners at restaurants, birthday and Christmas presents, school supplies and everything in between. However, due to strict budgeting and the cost of living, we're feeling the pinch.

To be able to provide what each and every resident deserves, Lillian's highly benefit from a dedicated Donor Relationship (Charity Fundraiser) volunteer.

Fundraising duties at Lillian’s include:

  • approaching businesses, local authorities and individuals to encourage donations.

  • organising and helping with fundraising activities such as sponsored or promotional events.

  • sourcing donations for raffle and silent auctions.

  • recruiting volunteers and coordinating their work.

  • planning donation campaigns and events, along with the communications needed to ensure they are a success.

  • ensuring that donors and funders are kept informed about how their money is being used.

  • using specialist software to keep records, manage donations and send communications.

Coming up with new ways to acquire funding – through events, online advertising, celebrity promotions or legacy-giving campaigns, for example – is a particularly important part of the job. At Lillian’s, fundraisers manage communications and events for donors.

Charity fundraisers may need to work long or unsociable hours when events or campaign deadlines are approaching. You may also need to travel to events and to meet representatives from funding organisations.

If this sounds like something you'd like to apply for, please read the file below and send through your Working With Children's Check, National Police Check and resume through to

Job description - Donor Relationships
Download PDF • 155KB

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